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Warmly celebrate THANK PARTY of 2018 complete

Don’t forget the heart, remember the history, honor, and disgrace

Warmly celebrate THANK PARTY of 2018 complete

At 18 o’clock on the evening of January 28, 2019, all employees of HS SMART participated in the KDF THANK PARTY of 201 at the Garden Hotel, and more than 400 colleagues gathered together for a feast.

The annual meeting began in a cheerful and lively atmosphere. At the beginning of the annual party, General Liu made a 2018 annual summary on behalf of HS SMART. He reviewed the journey of 2018, and all the staff of HS SMART became one step at a time. A new height in the year affirmed the brilliant achievements of all employees in 2018.

Next, representatives from outstanding employees spoke, and General Manager Li and General Liu commended and awarded the outstanding departments and outstanding employees of HS SMAR Tin 2018!

At the evening party around 19 o’clock, the party entered a warm lottery session, from 50 fourth prizes, 20 third prizes to 1 special prize. The whole scene was very lively, and the leaders won the prizes and the number of prizes. Time and time again pushed the party to a climax, and all the merits and demerits were not included in the consolation prize, to ensure that everyone has prizes.

The lucky draw ended and the dinner was officially started. At the banquet, Mr. Li and Liu Zong, a table and a year of condolences to the company’s colleagues for a hard year, toasted, thanked all the staff for their hard work during the year, and the scene was fun. The HS SMART family shared the joy and joy of that moment, and also looked forward to the company’s future goal in the new year.

Post time: Jan-25-2019
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