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Technical Analysis of CNC Machining Control Accuracy

For the operator of CNC machining, it is important to control the accuracy of CNC machining. In order to improve the precision of CNC machining control, it is necessary to improve. From the analysis of hardware, software and machining process, we propose measures to improve the machining. Below we will specifically describe the CNC machining precision control technology.

CNC Machining Control

1) CNC machining real-time monitoring system

In order to be able to detect the problem of precision degradation in processing in time, a virtual simulation system should be established, which can monitor the processing situation in real time and make further guidance according to system feedback. At the same time, the processing machine tool should study the more controllable precision control strategy, and can fully consider the deformation of the workpiece during the machining process, and develop the control code according to the actual conditions of the machining, so as to improve the control precision of the CNC machining machine. As an enterprise, in the selection of CNC machine tools, according to
the accuracy requirements of the workpiece to be machined, the machine tool should be purchased reasonably, and the equipment with advanced control should be selected in the case of high precision requirements.
2) CNC machining fault diagnosis system
The failure of CNC machining machine will lead to the decrease of machining control precision. Therefore, the CNC system with fault diagnosis must be selected in the actual
machining, or other fault diagnosis modules can be used to alarm in time after the machine tool fails, and can quickly feedback the fault. Information, allowing maintenance personnel to make timely maintenance and quickly solve the problem. At the same time, the CNC machining fault diagnosis system should be able to find out the deterioration of machining accuracy, monitor the stability of the machine itself and the life of the machining tool, thus achieving all-round management.

3) Using reasonable tool machining error compensation control
The motion mode of the tool in multi-coordinate NC machining is linear interpolation motion. Therefore, there is a tool error in the machining process, and certain error compensation measures must be taken. The corresponding compensation can be made according to the machining shape, which can be fully utilized during the tool movement. Consider compensation measures. At the same time, the corresponding compensation parameters are calculated according to the system setting, which is consistent with the machine tool processing system, and the most suitable machining control method is given.
4) System operator management system
The quality of the operator affects the precision of CNC machining control. Therefore, the enterprise should establish a system operator management system, conduct quality assessment for all CNC machining operators, and be able to work after having qualified professional knowledge assessment. At the same time, manage and control the operator’s irregular behavior and establish operational principles, requiring all operators to follow the instructions. In addition, regular management of the operators to carry out professional learning, so that these employees are exposed to the introduction of advanced equipment expertise, thereby improving operational capabilities and better functioning.

5) Improve machine maintenance managementFor the CNC machining machine, it is necessary to carry out perfect maintenance management, timely maintenance of the machine tool, and regular lubrication of the parts
to be lubricated to ensure that the machine tool maintains good contact between moving parts. In the application processing machine tool, it is necessary to check the machining accuracy, adjust according to the precision deviation and the machining center parameters. At the same time, it is necessary to make necessary adjustments during the maintenance process, and test the machining accuracy with standard parts according to the machining state.Control the working environment of the machine tool to prevent excessive dust from entering the machine and affect the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly check the filter screen and filter of the pneumatic system and the hydraulic system, and periodically change the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder; periodically discharge the water to the air separation system of the pneumatic system to avoid the wear of the numerical control plus the center parts.

Post time: Apr-30-2019
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