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Quality index of aluminum alloy processing materials

Aluminum alloy

The so-called product quality means that the qualified products provided need to meet the service performance and user requirements of the product completely and reasonably. That is to say, from the selection of raw materials and accessories, the careful design of process equipment and molds, the elaborate preparation and implementation of production methods and process specifications, and the accurate inspection of products in the production process, the technical standards or technical quality officially signed by both parties. The requirements of the indicator can be met in all aspects (including material composition, appearance and internal quality, organization and performance, and accuracy of size and shape, etc.). As with most other products, the quality indicators for aluminum alloyed materials should include the following:

1. Chemical composition. Including the main constituent elements of the alloy and its proportion, the amount of trace elements added and the impurity elements, should meet the requirements of relevant technical standards or technical agreements.

2. Internal organization. It mainly includes particle size, morphology and distribution; number, scale and distribution of the second stage; number, size and distribution of metallic and non-metallic inclusions; porosity and gas content and distribution; internal cracks and other discontinuous defects; And streamlines should meet the requirements of technical standards or technical agreements.

3. Internal and external surface quality. According to the requirements of technical standards, the inner and outer surfaces should be smooth, smooth, and harmonious in color, achieving a certain degree of smoothness, no cracks, scratches, scratches and corrosion marks, no bubbles, pores, black and white spots, pitting and waves.

4, performance. According to technical standards or user requirements, reasonable physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, processing properties or special performance indicators should be achieved.

5, dimensional tolerances and shape and positional accuracy. Dimensional tolerances including cross-section and product shape and positional accuracy shall be in accordance with technical standards and usage requirements.

Post time: Feb-26-2019
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